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Pei PeiPei Pei

The most memeable memecoin but made in China, where some copies outshine the originals.

$PEIPEI is about to leave a Great Wall of memes in its wake.

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Key Info

$PEIPEI is the first step that the Chinese community takes to eliminate the limiting barriers in the memetic culture of the Internet.

The launch of $PEIPEI is in honor of Pepe The Frog, as the main representative of a Chinese project that unites Asia with the West, in a stealth launch with no presale, no buy tax, no limits, only Pepe but Chinese.

They say that Chinese copies can sometimes outshine the originals, but in $PEIPEI we seek nothing more than to reinforce the memetic culture with the most emblematic meme in the world (Pepe), and with the most active community in the world of meme coins in the world (China), giving as a result PEIPEI.

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Content Background
Total Supply:289,520,200,999,888100%
Team + CEX + Marketing:23,740,656,481,9908.2%
Uniswap LP:265,779,544,517,89891.8%
Info BackgroundOriginal
  • Contract Renounced & LP Burned
  • No Buy Tax.
  • No Jeets.
  • Just PeiPei. Made in China.
Pei Pei Zen
Pei Pei BuyMade in China
CA: 0xf327c89Bf0769F0f2E99e50232557f03aAd6Cc17
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